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Thanks for visiting my web site. I'm always pleased to hear about your reactions and advices (as well as your suggestions for improvement).
Please contact me by e-mail: donindiano[at]
Due to an unexpected amount of work, I am no more able to reply to e-mail (1 year late and counting); sorry!

Frequently asked questions

Could you provide a valuation of my watch?
Sorry, I cannot do that! However, if I wanted to know a realistic price for one of my watches, I would probably check out eBay's successfully completed auctions, and look for Chrono24's similar items for sale. There are many factors to take into account when giving a valuation (condition, date of last service, full set or not, and so forth), and no one knows the watch better than its owner.
Can you give me more information about a pre-1970 piece?
I am generally not familiar with watches of this time period. Your local Breitling dealer might be able to answer some of your questions, or (more likely) direct you to your country's Breitling headquarters for further inquiry (pictures and serial/reference numbers will be required). Alternatively, there are very valuable vintage experts on online fora, such as TimeZone's Breitling forum or WatchUSeek's.

About this web site

Most material on this web site (text and pictures) is my own work; when it's not, as much as possible, I try to credit the original author.

Please do not use my work without permission. On the other hand, you are free and welcome to link to the HTML pages on my web site.

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