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SOP OOF horse (sop_blurry_horse.jpg)
SOP OOF horse

Breitling Superocean Professional in front of an out-of-focus horse.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean professional, animal, horse, strap)
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SuperOcean horse riding (superocean_horse_riding.jpg)
SuperOcean horse riding

Breitling SuperOcean worn on horseback.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean professional, superocean, wrist shot, watch, horse, sports)
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Horse and Breitlings (soluno_breitling.jpg)
Horse and Breitlings

Two Breitling watches (Wings Lady and B-1) greeting the new horse!
(Keywords: breitling, b-1, wings lady, horse, wrist shot)
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Wings Lady on horse rider (agathe_helios_wings1.jpg)
Wings Lady on horse rider

Action shot of a Breitling Wings Lady being worn by a horse rider
(Keywords: breitling, wings lady, wrist shot)
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B-1 and horseware (b-1_head_collars.jpg)
B-1 and horseware

Breitling B-1 on a few horse head collars
(Keywords: breitling, b-1, strap)
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Wings Lady horse riding (agathe_helios_wings2.jpg)
Wings Lady horse riding

Breitling Wings Lady being worn on horse back.
(Note the matching red lizard with white stitchings.)
(Keywords: breitling, wings lady, wrist shot)
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breitling wings lady horse

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Rider's yellow SOP (agathe_supero_jaune.jpg)
Rider's yellow SOP

Yellow Breitling SuperOcean Professional on the wrist of a female horse rider.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, wrist shot, horse, yellow)
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B-1 with Andalou (b-1_andalou.jpg)
B-1 with Andalou

Breitling B-1 worn on horseback.
(Keywords: breitling, b-1, horse, wrist shot, watch)
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Cosmonaute and Helios' nose (cosmo_helios_nose.jpg)
Cosmonaute and Helios' nose

Wrist shot of a Breitling Cosmonaute as it is noticed by a nosy horse!
(Keywords: breitling, cosmonaute, wrist shot, horse, funny)
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Wings Lady & sidesaddle statue (wings_lady_sidesaddle_statue.jpg)
Wings Lady & sidesaddle statue

Breitling Wings Lady with a bronze statue showing a horse rider, her sidesaddle and a farrier.
(Keywords: breitling, wings lady, horse, sidesaddle)
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Wings Lady & sidesaddle setup (wings_amazone_selle.jpg)
Wings Lady & sidesaddle setup

Breitling Wings Lady worn while installing a side saddle on a horse back
(Keywords: breitling, wings lady, wrist shot, horse)
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