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Duo of SuperOceans (side) (double_superocean_side.jpg)
Duo of SuperOceans (side)

Two Breitling SuperOcean diver's watches: from left to right, SuperOcean Professional (A17045, matt) and SuperOcean (A17360, brushed/polished).
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, superocean professional, group)
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SuperOcean lume shot (superocean_lume_shot.jpg)
SuperOcean lume shot

Night shot of a 2005 Breitling SuperOcean A17360.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, lume, night)
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SuperOcean underwater (superocean_underwater.jpg)
SuperOcean underwater

Breitling SuperOcean Professional, with yellow dial and blue Pro Diver strap, being submerged
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, wrist shot, water)
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SuperOcean and aside rider (superocean_amazone.jpg)
SuperOcean and aside rider

Breitling SuperOcean Professional, with yellow face, worn by a female side-saddle addict
(Keywords: sidesaddle, horse, breitling, superocean)
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SuperOcean at the beach (superocean_beach_200806.jpg)
SuperOcean at the beach

Black-faced Breitling "SuperOcean Professional" sitting in the sand near Golfe-Juan, French Riviera.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, superocean professional, beach, sea)
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SuperOcean candied fruits (superocean_fruits_confits.jpg)
SuperOcean candied fruits

Breitling SuperOcean Professional sitting in an over full of homemade candied fruits.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, food, funny)
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Superocean on lady's wrist (superocean_ladyswrist.jpg)
Superocean on lady's wrist

Breitling Superocean worn by a lady. This man's watch (with the Professional steel bracelet) looks quite at place on this woman's wrist.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, wrist shot)
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SuperOcean Professional black face (superocean_pro_200909.jpg)
SuperOcean Professional black face

Breitling SuperOcean Professional (matt) with its original Professional bracelet.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean professional, bracelet)
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Blue Superocean (superocean_blue_on_bracelet.jpg)
Blue Superocean

Breitling Superocean A13040 with its matching steel bracelet, with blue dial and on a blue background.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, blue)
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SuperOcean on red background (black_superocean_bracelet_red.jpg)
SuperOcean on red background

Breitling SuperOcean with Professional bracelet, on a red background.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean)
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Yellow SuperOcean Pro (IMG_2248_superocean_black_bg.jpg)
Yellow SuperOcean Pro

Breitling SuperOcean Professional with yellow dial.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean professional, superocean)
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SuperOcean and Swiss Army knife (superocean_swiss_knife_800.jpg)
SuperOcean and Swiss Army knife

Breitling SuperOcean professional with a famous swiss tool (Victorinox Swiss Champ)
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, knife, watch)
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