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Friday 20 January 2012

Duo of B-1s on white (Full HD) (b-1_duo_white_fullhd.jpg)
Duo of B-1s on white (Full HD)

Two Breitling B-1 "A78362" SuperQuartz chronographs, side by side: one with the slate grey face, and one with the black face.
(Full HD 1080 picture)
(Keywords: breitling, b-1, watch, group)
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B-1 casebacks (b-1_back_x2.jpg)
B-1 casebacks

Turbine-shaped case-backs of two Breitling B-1 chronographs.
(Keywords: breitling, b-1)
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IMG 8322

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SuperOcean and aside rider (superocean_amazone.jpg)
SuperOcean and aside rider

Breitling SuperOcean Professional, with yellow face, worn by a female side-saddle addict
(Keywords: sidesaddle, horse, breitling, superocean)
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SuperOcean Professional lume (sop_lume.jpg)
SuperOcean Professional lume

Lume shot of a Breitling SuperOcean Professional. The lume has aged and is not as bright as it used to be.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, superocean professional, lume, night)
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Andy visiting Don in Cannes (don_andy_cannes.jpg)
Andy visiting Don in Cannes

Breitling forum meet-up in Cannes, France
(Keywords: breitling, friends)
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Cosmonaute and Trinity (cosmo+cartier.jpg)
Cosmonaute and Trinity

Breitling Cosmonaute next to a Cartier Lady Trinity "Les 3 Ors" (French for "the 3 Golds").
(Keywords: breitling, cosmonaute, cartier, trinity)
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Callisto Chrono on bracelet (back) (callisto_chrono_bracelet_ba.jpg)
Callisto Chrono on bracelet (back)

Back side of a Breitling Chrono Callisto 80520N on an aftermarket brushed steel bracelet.
(Keywords: breitling, callisto chrono, bracelet)
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breguet xx lamp

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Black SuperOcean on bracelet (black_so_bracelet.jpg)
Black SuperOcean on bracelet

Black faced Breitling SuperOcean A17360 on a Professional bracelet.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, bracelet, wrist shot)
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B-1 hiking in Big Bend (b-1_bigbend_trail.jpg)
B-1 hiking in Big Bend

Breitling B-1 on a hiker's wrist in Big Bend National Park, TX.
(Keywords: breitling, b-1, wrist shot, hiking, travel)
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Wings Lady with white strap (IMG_3481_wings_lady_white.jpg)
Wings Lady with white strap

Breitling Wings Lady two-tone with a white Eulit aftermarket strap.
(Keywords: breitling, wings lady, strap)
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