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Friday 20 January 2012

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Cosmonaute on strap (IMG_5975.jpg)
Cosmonaute on strap

Breitling Cosmonaute on a black Breitling calf strap.
(Keywords: breitling, cosmonaute, strap, wrist shot)
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Cosmonaute, back side (IMG_5093_800.jpg)
Cosmonaute, back side

Back side of a Breitling Cosmonaute A12023 "édition spéciale" with factory transparent caseback.
(Keywords: breitling, cosmonaute, display back)
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Type XX B&W (typexx_nb_napperon.jpg)
Type XX B&W

Black and white shot of a Breguet Type XX Aéronavale 3807 on metal bracelet.
(Keywords: breguet, type xx, black & white)
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SuperOcean Professional on wrist (supero_pro_black_wrist.jpg)
SuperOcean Professional on wrist

Black-faced Breitling SuperOcean Professional with a black strap, on my wrist.
(Keywords: breitling, superocean, wrist shot, strap)
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Horse and Breitlings (soluno_breitling.jpg)
Horse and Breitlings

Two Breitling watches (Wings Lady and B-1) greeting the new horse!
(Keywords: breitling, b-1, wings lady, horse, wrist shot)
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Navitimer on strap (nav_tt_laurel.jpg)
Navitimer on strap

Breitling Navitimer two-tone (with the very rare copper dial) on aftermarket Ostrich strap, in front of blooming laurels.
(Keywords: breitling, navitimer, old navitimer, wrist shot, ostrich, strap, flower)
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GMT Master II Pepsi (gmt_master_white_sheet.jpg)
GMT Master II Pepsi

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date GMT-Master II (16710) with blue/red bezel insert.
(Keywords: rolex, gmt master)
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Cosmonaute bathrobe (cosmo_peignoir.jpg)
Cosmonaute bathrobe

A Breitling Cosmonaute does dress up a bathrobe quite nicely...
(Keywords: breitling, cosmonaute, bath, bathrobe, wrist shot)
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Cosmonaute on ostrich strap (cosmo_ostrich_strap.jpg)
Cosmonaute on ostrich strap

Breitling Cosmonaute on an aftermarket ostrich band.
(Keywords: breitling, cosmonaute, wrist shot, ostrich, strap)
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Chronomat bezel (chronomat_bezel_recto.jpg)
Chronomat bezel

Gold bezel from a Breitling Chronomat, with screws and "rider tabs" removed.
(Keywords: breitling, chronomat, gold)
1 comment. without Flash (breitling_com_noflash_2007.jpg) without Flash

The web site in 2007, viewed on a mobile phone without the Flash plug-in...
(Keywords: breitling, web site, mobile device)
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