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Chronomat and Parker pen (chronomat-sonnet-gold.jpg) Chronomat and Parker pen
2012-01-20, 110.1 KB
1,024 × 768 pixels
Breitling Chronomat two-tone next to a Parker Sonnet gold plated fountain pen.
(Keywords: breitling, chronomat, pen, gold)

B-1 + Fisher pen (b-1_fisher_800.jpg) B-1 + Fisher pen
2012-01-20, 66.4 KB
800 × 600 pixels
Breitling B-1 sitting next to a Fisher "Space pen".
(Keywords: breitling, b-1, pen)

(cosmo_and_pen.jpg) cosmo and pen
2014-04-28, 109.9 KB
1,024 × 683 pixels

Pilot's Breitling watches (cosmo_b1_frecce_pilots_watches.jpg) Pilot's Breitling watches
2012-01-20, 247.5 KB
1,024 × 768 pixels
Group shot of 3 pilot's watches : from left to right, Breitling Chronomat (automatic), Breitling Cosmonaute (manual) and Breitling B-1 (thermo-compensated Quartz).
(Keywords: breitling, group, watch, chronomat, cosmonaute, b-1)

SuperOcean and bridge (supero_bridge.jpg) SuperOcean and bridge
2012-01-20, 167.6 KB
768 × 1,024 pixels
Wrist shot of a Breitling SuperOcean Professional overlooking a suspended wood bridge (which will be crossed a couple of minutes later).
(Keywords: breitling, wrist shot, superocean professional, superocean, sports, hiking)

Cosmo and MA7 patch (cosmo_mercury_patch.jpg) Cosmo and MA7 patch
2012-01-20, 218.3 KB
1,024 × 683 pixels
Breitling Cosmonaute next to a "Mercury 7" astronaut's patch.
Lt. Cdr. Scott Carpenter wore an early Breitling Cosmonaute during the Aurora 7 space mission.
(Keywords: breitling, cosmonaute, strap, space)

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