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As in any other collaborative work, a set of rules help keep the quality and consistency. The site's administrator will ensure they are respected.

What must be present:

  1. the main topic of the picture must be an exclusive timepiece (there are some manufacturers listed below)
  2. clearly displaying the time
  3. picture of decent quality
  4. JPEG/PNG/GIF picture, having a size less than 3 MB
  5. you must be the author of the picture, or have the right to use it

What must not be present:

  1. Offensive or inappropriate contents (nudity, weapons)
  2. Adverts over the picture (including prominent website URLs)
  3. Off-topic links or keywords (think “v1agra”)
  4. Several timepieces showing different times

List of allowed luxury watch manufacturers

(Inspired from Wikipedia's,) here is a list of prestigious, desirable watch manufacturers names that are welcome here.

… along with a few exceptions.
Missing one? Contact me if I should add it to the list.

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