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Learn how to tell the date of manufacture of your Breitling watch

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Possible dating methods

Many watch enthusiasts like to know the production date of their watch. There may be several methods of dating a Breitling, depending on the desired accuracy.

From the reference numbers data base

Try looking up the watch model in the Breitling reference numbers search engine. Although this is definitely not the perfect tool for the job, this might already give you a rough production date bracket.

From the date stamp

Starting around year 2000, Breitling started adding date stamps on their watch heads and bracelets. They are (very) lightly stamped between the lugs at 6 o'clock.

Date tag between the horns of a Breitling B-1

Removing the bottom part of the strap or bracelet is required to read the numbers. Please refer to the chapter below to decode them.

From the date stamp on the bracelet

If the watch is equipped with a bracelet, it is much easier to read the date tag on the back of it. The manufacture date of the bracelet is usually less than 1 year apart from that of the watch head, although this does not work if the bracelet was not bought at the same time as the watch head.

Asking Breitling

A polite letter sent to Breitling can do wonders. I highly recommend using their courteous customer service for such enquiries. Breitling may be able to precisely date your watch, based on its serial number.

Decoding a date stamp

Examples date codes:

S prefix
The optional S may stand for “semaine”, which means week in French.
First group of 2 digits
Week number (from 01 to 53).
Second group of 2 digits
Rightmost two digits of the year (03 stands for 2003).
Other digits (if applicable)

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