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Information about current Breitling rubber straps

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A large choice of OEM rubber straps

Over the years, Breitling has been creating several types of rubber straps. Those are very durable (compared to their leather counterparts), and are waterproof.

Diver Pro

The Breitling Diver Pro strap was introduced in 1998 (the same year as the SuperOcean Professional), primarily to be mounted on Breitling dive watches. It replaced the “Diver” nylon band the same year.

A blue Diver Pro strap, next to a black one

It is made of natural rubber, black or blue, with grooves and the deeply embossed words BREI and TLING written on the outside of the strap pieces.
I have noticed that the blue colored straps are generally stiffer than the black ones.

Available sizes (in mm) are 24/22, 22/20, 20/18, 18/?, 16/14, and 15/? mm. The strap looks mostly straight, but it does taper a little, as seen in the above measurements. It comes with a signed stainless steel tang-type buckle.

The approximate length of the 22mm rubber parts is 9mm + 12.5mm. Note that the usable length of the strap can vary depending on the width of the given band.

Ocean Racer

The Ocean Racer strap has straight grooves and 3 holes on each side. It comes in a variety of colors: black, blue, maroon, or red. It is exclusively available with a push-action deployant buckle

A blue Ocean Racer strap (outside on the left, inside on the right)

Ocean Racer II

The second version of the Breitling Ocean Racer band has 3 holes on each side, but no stripes. It comes in black, blue or white and can be secured with a tang buckle.

(A picture would be appreciated)

Diver Pro II

A more low-key strap in the Breitling collection is the Diver Pro II, with no markings on the outside, only a raised center strip. Its inside is smooth (unlike most other Breitling rubber straps), with the brand name engraved. It comes in black or blue, and can be fitted a tang or deployant buckle.

Black Diver Pro 2 strap (outside on the left, inside on the right)

Diver Pro III

The third iteration of the Diver Pro band shows a lightly embossed "Breitling" brand name written on the outside of both strap pieces. It comes in black or blue.

(A picture would be appreciated)


Unveiled with the Exospace B55 in late 2015, the TwinPro band looks like a Diver Pro III, but where the outer color differs from the color of the inner and the sides (which is always black). Available outer colors are black, blue or gray.

The TwinPro strap can be secured with a tang buckle or a deployant buckle.

Classic Aero

Introduced in 2016 (with the Superocean Héritage Chronoworks), the Classic Aero strap mimics the looks of a mesh bracelet. It comes in black.

About the buckles

The deployant clasp requires cutting a certain length from both strap sides to be adjusted to the wrist. To this effect, cutting marks can be seen on the strap sides, each one being 0.5 mm apart. A full length strap side holds 6 of those marks, along with 7 spring bar holes (not including the one for the watch head).
A full length 24mm Ocean Racer strap side measures 8.5 cm. A full length 22mm Diver Pro II strap side measures 9 cm. The deployant clasp holds a ratcheting micro-adjustment feature.

Cutting marks on the back of an Ocean Racer strap

The tang buckle strap can be quite long, and is well suited to being worn over a wetsuit (then back on the bare wrist) as its series of holes stretch over 5.5 cm.