The Breitling SuperOcean Professional

Differences between the SuperOcean and SuperOcean Professional

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An all-matt SuperOcean

The Breitling SuperOcean Professional was available from 1998 to 2002, and was also contemporary with the regular SuperOcean.

My yellow SuperOcean on the first day

The SOP was presented with 2 dial options: black or yellow—the latter being somewhat rarer. Yellow is said to be one of the most legible colors into the water.

Visually, there are some differences to tell them apart:

A17045 SuperOcean Professional (left) and A17360 SuperOcean (right)

The crystal of the SuperOcean Professional is also a bit thicker (4.2 mm vs. 3.7 mm) than the regular SuperOcean. This helps the watch achieve a higher water resistance.

The Professional bracelet of the SuperOcean Professional is also entirely brushed, to match the case. Also note that a SO with a Professional bracelet is not a SOP.

Brushing the watch case, according to the Breitling catalogue, avoids glinting liable to attract potentially aggressive fish.

There were actually 2 sub-versions of SOP:

(Thanks to Jon Barnett for information regarding the crystals.)