Bands for the Breitling Chronomat

Breitling straps and bracelets for the Chronomat

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The Breitling Chronomat is usually displayed with a metal bracelet, leather/crocodile strap, or on a rubber band. It has a 20 mm interhorn, and accepts about any strap with this measurement. (The post-2004 Chronomat “Evolution” has a 22 mm interhorn.)

Note that there also exists a shorter type of metal or leather band to accommodate an additional Breitling auxiliary watch, known as a UTC module, and designed to display a second time zone.

Metal bracelets

The Chronomat was first fitted with a Breitling Rouleaux bracelet. It came in steel, gold, or steel/gold.

The 5-segment Breitling Pilot bracelet was then used as the standard metal bracelet for the Chronomat series. It generally comes fully polished whether in stainless steel, gold, or steel/gold.

Bracelet reference numbers include 300A (or 300D for the steel/gold) and 301A (301D for steel/gold).

Leather/crocodile straps

The Chronomat accepts most any strap with a width of 20 mm. The Breitling original straps' dimensions are 20/18 mm (20 mm at the lugs and 18 mm at the buckle).

As usual, the Breitling leather/croc straps can be of the tang buckle type, or of the deployment buckle type.

Rubber bands

Breitling also provides 20 mm Pro Diver rubber bands that can be fitted to the Chronomat with nice effect.