Crown of the Breitling B-1

Usage and differences in the Breitling B-1's crown

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Using the crown

On the Breitling B-1, the crown is used:

It is non-screw locked, and uses two gaskets for water resistance.

“B” logo on the crown

Most later B-1 models have a “B” on the crown, and most older don't. It is difficult to determine when these started to be on all models.

One with (top) and another without (bottom). (Thanks to Groover for the picture above)

Here is a table of the presence/absence of logos on crowns, depending on serial numbers and other information. There does not seem to be a clear rationale behind that… is there?

Presence of the logo
Reference number Serial number Has a B on the crown?
A68062 (Blue) 06xx No
A68062 (Gray) 28xx No
A68062 (Gray) 39xx No
A68362 (Blue) 1070xx No
A68362 (Black) 1135xx No
A68362 (Black) 1172xx No
A68362 (Gray) 1200xx No
A68362 (Black) 1203xx Yes
A68362 (Black) 1205xx Yes
A68362 (Blue) 2963xx No
A68362 (Blue) 2871xx No
A68362 (Black) 2966xx No
A68362 (Black) 2996xx Yes
A68362 (Gray) 304xxx No
A68362 302xxx Yes
A68362 (Black) 3045xx No
A78362 (Blue) 3405xx Yes
A78362 (Blue) 3406xx Yes
A78362 (Blue) 3406xx No
A78362 (Black) 3406xx Yes
A78362 (Gray) 3408xx No
A78362 (Gray) 3414xx Yes
A78362 (Gray) 3427xx Yes
A78362 (Blue) 3430xx Yes
A78362 (Blue) 3438xx Yes
A78362 (Black) 3441xx Yes
A78362 (Blue) 3467xx Yes
A78362 (Blue) 3485xx Yes
A78362 (Black) 3496xx Yes
A78362 (Black) 914xxx Yes

Many thanks to Abe, Craig, Groover, Jean-Marie, Krasi, Lutz, Mike L., Andrea Manuti, Jean-Luc de F., Simon B., Augustin J. F. and Max L. R. for their help!