Ana-digi synchronization of the Breitling B-1

How to synchronize the analog and digital displays of the Breitling B-1

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On very rare occasions, it may happen that the analog hands go out of sync with the digital readouts. This can be, for instance, the result of a shock on the watch.

The problem can occur to the seconds' hand only, but may also apply to the other two hands. Fortunately, the B-1 offers its owner the ability to easily correct this kind of discrepancy.
This method is the same for all other models equipped with the B68 and B78 calibers, like the Airwolf, Chronospace (2010) and Chronospace Military.


Re-syncing the time

If the hands are not in sync while showing the time, please follow these steps to get the hands ticking back in unison with the LCDs:

Re-syncing the chronograph

A separate procedure exists if the seconds' hand does not reset properly at the 60 seconds mark in chronograph mode (“CHR”). In this case, simply pull the crown and set the hand to the correct position.

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