Bands for the Breitling SuperOcean

Breitling straps and bracelets for the SuperOcean

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The Breitling SuperOcean can be found with a steel bracelet, leather/crocodile strap, or on a rubber band. It has a 20 mm interhorn, and accepts about any strap with this measurement.

Metal bracelets

The SuperOceans used to be mounted on the 20 mm Professional bracelet (also known as Professional I).

Now the Professional II (with oblique links) has replaced the former bracelet.

Leather/Croc straps

Breitling provides a choice of very well-made leather or crocodile straps in 20/18mm (i.e. 20 mm at the lugs and 18 mm at the clasp/buckle).

They used to produce sharkskin straps, but stopped making those. They also made waterproof kevlar straps (called Diver bands), but these were discontinued as the rubber band was introduced. Anyway, both suited the SuperOcean very well, in my humble opinion.

Rubber bands

As a pure diver's watch, it goes well with the Pro Diver rubber band. Not only this is lighter than the steel bracelet, but it's also pretty much bulletproof.